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I’ve only really toyed with the idea of putting words on the internet in such an ordered format.  I had a word press site here at before and I didn’t like it.  I think I now understand why.  The internet is this place where anyone can see what you have to say, which I think is wonderful, but the reality is your employers, friends, and family are going to see your thoughts first. So if I wanted some place to publicly work through my thoughts I would need to overcome my fear of portraying a less than perfect image.

We’re all less than perfect and we all struggle through making sense of the cognitive dissonance inherent in our industrial lives.  If you have a thought or a tendency which makes you feel like a minority/outlier then you’re forced to confront that thought.  Either you embrace it or you conform or you adapt it.  My concept of morality has not meshed with what I’ve seen as the keys to success in this world, I need to sort that out don’t I?

I suspect that a fear of being disapproved of/a fear of failure/a fear of rejection serves to keep individuals isolated.  I have been isolated by such fears.  By talking to other people, by airing your real thoughts, by seeing that you aren’t actually alone you can gain confidence in your ideas and shape them.  This has a benefit as an individual, helping to make a more consistent philosophy of life, but I suspect that the act of airing your non-standard thoughts also has a benefit for our rapidly changing world/culture.

I am beginning to suspect that many people have opinions that constitute majority opinions by percentages but are not voiced in the main stream of opinions heard on TV and radio every day.  For instance, I suspect that the majority of Americans, no matter what their political alignment, would agree that the US military shouldn’t intentionally kill civilians and the infirmed.  With that in mind we aren’t likely to hear reports in the mainstream, that is those media outlets which might lose advertising dollars by presenting facts in a probing way.  However, I think that such war crimes are common place if you look for evidence.  For an example of a recent US war crime, see this link or more recently look here.  This isn’t to make an anti-military point, but rather the point that, as an individual we should be talking to each other about more than just the mainstream talking points.  That is to say that there is a mainstream and it does not represent the majority of opinions of people but rather the opinions of the powerful.  These opinions are taken by many people as their own via the same pressures that kept my previous attempts at blogging from being vulnerable, real, and human, that is, the fear of being seen as less than perfect.  So being a bit vulnerable with others is a vital but missing aspect of today’s social fabric.  Not only as an individual but as a citizen of a powerful propogandocracy.  I’ve wanted to write candidly as an exploration of myself but was too inhibited, that’s what this blog is for the moment.

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